Learning In Year Three

Learning in the first year of the Junior Academy is great fun. Children consolidate some of the key skills they learnt at the Infant Academy and quickly settle to the expectations placed on them. Homework is set in Year Three and children are expected to complete this weekly. There is a wealth of support and information to support them in the challenges they are set. 

Children are introduced to German lessons in Year Three. This introduction to the German language focuses on enabling children to feel confident using German and by the end of the year will be able to speak in simple sentences. 

Children in Year Three continue to enjoy a fast paced curriculum enhanced by educational visits, chances to participate in local and national events and a residential visit. They also engage with The Year Three Challenge. The challenge builds on the skills the children learnt in Year Two, focusing on teamwork, resilience and applying their learning to solve challenges throughout the day. It is a great day, full of learning and laughing (and usually a lot of mud!)

In September we will tell you all about what we are going to learn in our first few weeks in Year Three.

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