Food at our Academy

Children may bring a packed lunch and snack to the Academy each day or purchase them from our kitchen. With effect from October 2018 meals will cost £2:25 per day. Children may order a school packed lunch, hot dinner or a jacket potato.

Families can choose to pay for the meals in a way that suits them. To provide the most flexible way of accommodating families needs meals can be paid for on the day, weekly, monthly or termly by cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Cherry Tree Academy Marham Junior. Children should bring their money in a named envelope and put it in the box in their classroom for collection.

Children are able to carry their Snack Money with them. They should carry no more than 70p which is enough to choose a drink and something to eat at playtime.

We contract a company to provide freshly cooked meals. In  September 2014 we welcomed Edwards and Blake as our catering providers together with Mrs Catchpole and her team we have wonderful, tasty meals.

Owing to the number of children we have at the academy we have our lunch in two sittings. Children are encouraged to make sure that they relax during the lunch period and take the time they need to enjoy their meals.

Children are strongly encouraged to drink water throughout the day and as such are allowed to bring water bottles into class. We do not allow juice in class and ask our families to support this. We have installed new water coolers on the ground floor for all children to use.