Our Uniform

All children are expected to attend our Academy in uniform. There are times when uniform should not be worn however in these instances you will be advised in advance. 

Our suppliers are Birds in Dereham.

You can visit their shop in Dereham Unit D, 13 Yaxham Road, Dereham, NR19 1HB Tel: 01362 699130


Purchase new uniform on line. www.schoolwear-uk.com 

We aim to ensure that our uniform is comfortable, easy to wear, ready available and those who wear it do so with pride.


Grey trousers or skirt or pinafore


White shirt or polo shirt


Academy sweatshirt or cardigan


Academy tie                       

(ties must be worn with v-neck sweatshirt)


Grey shorts / trousers or skirt or red checked summer dress


Grey socks or white sock or tights


White shirt or polo shirt


Academy tie (optional)



Sports Kit: House Colour T-Shirt, black shorts, trainers for outdoors.

                 Tracksuit for outdoors in the cooler weather


Outdoor Learning: Appropriate clothing to suit weather conditions.

                                 Please note if children are visiting the woods they must wear long trousers and long sleeved tops.

                                 Appropriate footwear - wellies are suitable if staying in and around school grounds. Hiking boots are more appropriate if we are going further afield. 


Hiking: Sturdy, waterproof boots,

              Appropriate covering e.g. waterproof trousers and jackets for wet weather.

              Small waterproof rucksack


Shoes: We encourage children to wear comfortable black school shoes with a maximum of 2cm heel. If wellingtons or boots are worn to Academy, a pair of shoes should be brought to change for indoor wear. In summer sandals may be worn with socks.

Hair: Hair can be worn loose, although preferably tied away from the face. Hair must always be tied up when taking part in PE lessons

Watches: children may wear watches and remove them for PE. Children may not wear watches that have cameras built into them. Children who have camera enabled watches will be asked to leave them in the office for safe keeping throughout the day. 

Jewellery: Children may wear small stud earrings that must be removed for PE. We discourage children from wearing any other  jewellery whilst at the academy. If it is worn it must be removed for PE. 

All uniform items are available to order from Birds Outfitters on line http://www.schoolwear-uk.com 

Please do feel free to purchase Cherry Tree Academy items such as fleeces, bags, hats etc.

Please note that all clothing MUST be named.

Children who do not attend the Academy in the correct uniform will be asked to explain their reasoning and a letter sent to families asking them to support their child follow our guidelines.