Useful Forms



Should your child require medication whilst under the care and supervision of the academy staff this form must be completed. The staff at Cherry Tree Academy will not give your child medicine unless you complete this form and send it to the office using your logged email address. Please ensure that the medication is in the original packaging as dispensed by the pharmacy and prescribed for your child. Our Administration of Medicine Policy details our policy and procedures for administering medicine to children in our care. Please follow the below link to complete the administration of medicines form:



Our learning takes us out and about into the local community. We always make the most of the wonderful environment and facilities on our doorstep. We will always let you know when we are off site but we also like to make the most of any opportunities that come our way, sometimes without advance planning. Please complete this form to allow your child to take part in local visits in and around the village of Marham including trips to the RAF Station.


The government are very clear that children do not miss any of their education unnecessarily and any absence during term time should only be authorised under extenuating circumstances. We recognise the importance of upholding the government directive however, we also recognise that the special circumstances in which we operate. We have many families who, owing to operational commitments of the work place, are unable to be together during the academy holidays and indeed they are separated for lengthy periods of time during the year. In light of this we try to offer as much flexibility as possible when considering requests for absences during term time. We do ask that requests for time away from the academy are completed with as much detail as possible so that a swift decision can be made. Once requests have been received they will be processed within a week and the decision forwarded to you. Please note that absences must be requested by the parent with whom the child normally resides. If you have not received a decision within 5 academy days please contact the office.


This form should be used if your child is going to be away from school during the day for any other reason than holiday (there is a separate holiday form). Please complete this form if your child has been ill or attending a medical appointment for which they will need time out of school. If your child is attending a medical or dental appointment we will ask to view a copy of the appointment card.